FDS Transmitter Wireless Input


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Smart and compact, the Wireless Input Transmitter WINP is completing our wireless line
of products. It will transmit any incoming impulses to the TBox-Radio timing console
using a bidirectional radio protocol.

With WINP, you will be able to integrate any other manufacturers timing equipment*
(E.g. start gate, photocell, push button, switch tape) to a wireless FDS-Timing setup.

Wireless communication
To improve robustness and increase reliability, a two-way protocol is used in the communication between Transmitter WINP and TBox-Radio.
In case of frequency jamming or poor radio transmission data will be resent several times.

Expensive sports timing devices are history
FDS-Timing makes constant efforts in the design of cost-effective solutions while keeping as a priority performance reliability and simplicity.

The WINP input is compatible with most equipment available on the market which is delivering impulses using, mechanical switch, open  collector or optocoupler output.  

Frequencies & Power NorthAmerica: 920 - 924 MHz 100 mW
Radio Impulse precision 1/10’000 sec
Operating temperature -20°C to 60°C
Charging possible only between 0°C and 45°C
Min locking time
(between two detections)
200ms for Groups A-D
500ms for Groups E-H
Battery LiPo 1700mAh
External Power Input USB compatible (5V +/- 5%) up to 1A
Autonomy @20°C 150 hours radio ON
Dimension 93x58x27mm
Weight 200g