Tag Heuer Hl540-Gps Docking Station For Cp540 With Gps And Battery


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TAG Heuer HL540-GPS Docking Station for CP540 with GPS

Docking Station for the CP540 with an internal Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery and a built-in GPS Satellite module. The GPS module allows for automatic setting of the CP540 time base to the exact time of day. Monitoring of the GPS signal insures that the time base is always synchronized to the Atomic Clock throughout the entire timing session. Also, Master-Slave I/O ports allow for several CP540’s to be connected and synchronized to the exact same time of day. A “top of the minute impulse” is also available to synchronize any timing device connected to the docking station. Delivered with an external GPS antenna and it uses the same power supply that comes with the CP540 for charging